“I care about how I look and feel, and my hair can get tangled up easily” St. Lukes Patient

Atasha was admitted to the hospital in February to receive care after an accident. She had been in the hospital before, but this was the first time she had ever been offered toiletries specifically formulated for hair and skin like hers.

“I care about how I look and feel, and my hair can get tangled up easily,” said Atasha. “One of my nurses told me they had bonnets and other hair care products available—this is the first hospital I’ve seen to offer that.”

At the beginning of 2024, Saint Luke’s began offering Be Serene products at all Saint Luke’s hospitals. Be Serene products are specially formulated for ethnic hair and skin care and infused with natural and extra-moisturizing ingredients.

Angela Locke, director of patient care services at Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City, says small changes like this can make a big difference for patients of color.

“Our nursing staff can tell you story after story of how much patients appreciate the simple gesture of a shower and having their hair styled how they like it,” said Angela. “They feel more comfortable and more like themselves, and that’s incredibly important in their health care journey.”

Atasha said that even though she was in the hospital, she still appreciated the opportunity to take care of herself.

“The lotion and shampoo were perfect for me. One of my family members even commented that I looked like I was glowing,” said Atasha. “It really makes a difference. I give Saint Luke’s 10 stars.”

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